Your Guidance for the week ahead 26th August – 1st September 2019

Your spiritual guidance for the week ahead – a look at the energy and tendencies and for the coming seven days

Wicca Oracle Cards – Review

The Wicca Oracle Cards deck reviewed by a professional working psychic – how did they score?

Your Guidance for the week ahead 19th – 25th August 2019

This week’s guidance including a bonus Romance Angels card to get the low down on your love life!

Lesson 1.4 – The Tree Roots Technique

This is a really useful technique for use during any sort of spiritual work, meditation or healing. It’s ideal if you’re going to be sitting or standing for any period of time. I use this technique with my meditation group. As I talk them into the guided meditation, I help to ground them by connecting […]

Lesson 1.3 – Grounding with Nature

One of the easiest (and definitely cheapest) ways of grounding is to let mother earth do it for you. Grounding helps us to reconnect with the earth, so what better way to do it than outside, on the earth! Grounding with Gaia If you choose to, first of all you can call upon the earth […]

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