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Your Magical Textbook

I first started studing the occult, psychic abilities and fortune telling when I was 14 years old, in the early 90s.

Back then, there really weren’t many resources for this sort of thing, and I had to rely on a book on Fortune Telling my mother had acquired some years previous and a few dusty books at the local secondhand bookstore that I could sneak a look at every so often.

As I grew up, I still struggled to find reliable sources of information that were easy to obtain and freely available, so my own spiritual development took many years to properly get going, even though I was chomping at the bit and my natural abilities were already coming through strongly.

I didn’t know who to turn to or where to go for help, guidance and learning materials that would help me become the psychic and holistic healer that I knew I was meant to be.

I created the Angel Wings Psychic School to be the spiritual learning resource that I so desperately needed and wanted when I first found myself on this path, so that others wouldn’t find themselves lost and not sure who to turn to.

Browse our library of videos and blogs to find easy to follow instructions, lessons and Q&A videos designed to help you on your spiritual path.

Whether you are interested in psychic ability, reading oracle or tarot cards, astrology, crystals, reiki, holistic therapy or any other subject, you’ll find this is the ideal resource for all the basics that you need.

Please do go and follow our YouTube channel, where I’ll be publishing two videos a week including a weekly energetic update so you know what to expect for the coming seven days, and a video to help you in your psychic and spiritual learning too.

Always remember that you are an infinite and amazing spiritual being having a human experience.

All of these wonderful abilities that we uncover on our path toward spiritual growth are completely natural and normal.

I hope that one day we will live in a more enlightened earth where everyone is in touch with their true spiritual nature and with one another.

I love you


Wicca Oracle Cards – Review

I bought these lovely Oracle cards at Enigma this weekend and wanted to show them to you.

As a working psychic, I thought it would also be useful to get my take on how good they are, who they are best for and my general impressions and tips.

See what you think! Would you buy this pack?

Your Guidance for the week ahead 19th – 25th August 2019

This week’s guidance including a bonus Romance Angels card to get the low down on your love life!

Lesson 1.5 – The Tail Technique

I normally use the tail technique when I’m doing healing or any sort of spiritual activity that involves me moving around.

I first learned this one from my Reiki master when I did my Reiki I, and it’s a very easy and useful one to use, and only takes a few seconds to do.

How to do the Tail Grounding Technique.

Close your eyes and visualise a tail growing from your coccyx. Your tail reaches out and down to the earth below you.

Visualise your tail wrapping itself around the centre of planet earth and holding on for you. It holds you steady and any energies that aren’t meant for you can travel along your tail to be burned up in the molten rock beneath you.

Everyone’s tail is different, so you might be surprised by what yours looks like!

Mine started out looking like a brown monkey tail (similar to Gohan’s tail in Dragon Ball Z – no kidding!) but over time it changed and a few years later, transformed into a dragon’s tail.

A lady I know says hers is a peacock tail. Everyone is different and unique, and it’s normal for these things to evolve over time. I guess we’re spiritually a bit like Pokemon!

When you get practised at this technique, you’ll find your tail appears automatically when you intend it, and ‘snaps’ into place right away.

Lesson 1.4 – The Tree Roots Technique

This is a really useful technique for use during any sort of spiritual work, meditation or healing. It’s ideal if you’re going to be sitting or standing for any period of time.

I use this technique with my meditation group. As I talk them into the guided meditation, I help to ground them by connecting them to the earth, using the Tree Roots technique right at the beginning.

This is a really good one because it’s free and you don’t need any equipment, just your mind.

How to do the Tree Roots Grounding Technique

Sit or stand with your feet flat on the ground. Barefoot is best, but whatever works for you will do. If it’s winter you might not want to take your socks off!

Note: If you’re not physically able to put your feet on the floor, this will still work.

Feel your feet connecting to the earth and visualise roots growing from the bottoms of your feet, growing downward into the groud. The roots grow bigger, stronger and go further, deeper into the earth.

Feel the roots connecting you with the ground, connecting you with mother earth and holding you steady. Feel your feel start to melt into the floor as they become one with the earth too and your feet and ankles become tree trunks.

If you use this technique at he beginnine of a session, the roots will hold you down so you dno’t float off too far.

If you use this one at the end of a session of spiritual work or healing, you can visualise the excess energy draining away through your feet and into the earth.

Lesson 1.3 – Grounding with Nature

One of the easiest (and definitely cheapest) ways of grounding is to let mother earth do it for you.

Grounding helps us to reconnect with the earth, so what better way to do it than outside, on the earth!

Grounding with Gaia

If you choose to, first of all you can call upon the earth goddess Gaia, to help to ground you. She will always be happy to help and you may sense your connetion to her increasing as you ground yourself.

You may also clairvoyantly see her appear beside you in the form of a beautiful dark haired woman. I normally see her wearing brown robes.

How to Ground with Nature

Just being outside around nature, trees, in a forest, in the mountains, on the beach or any natural place will be grounding in and of itself. You don’t have to go anywhere special to do this, your garden will do!

If you’ve been doing spiritual or healing work however, you will want to take this to the next level in order to ground your energy, and reconnect with the earth fully.

In order to do this, I like to physically touch the ground with my skin.

Either touch bare hands, bare feet (or both!) to the ground and feel any leftover spiritual energy leaving your body. You might like to crouch or sit on the ground or on a log as you do this. Equally, there is nothing wrong with sitting on a seat or bench if there is one nearby.

Feel the connection with the earth beneath your feel or on your palms, and notice yourself becoming heavier and more connected. You might like to close your eyes as you do this.

When you feel ready, and back in your body, you can stop This doesn’t take long, and you may feel ‘done’ after just ten seconds. The earth is powerful!

Remember to say thank you to mother earth for her help, this can be said out loud or silently in your head, and go about the rest of your day.

Attract your Soul Mate

Use this to call in your soul mate

Yesterday’s Lions Gate energy was certainly incredible. If you were struggling or feeling out of sorts, dno’t worry you weren’t alone!

On the flip side, I was gifted these beautiful words to share with you all to attract your soul mate to you.

You can read them alound, silently or use them in your meditation or spiritual practice.

This is your Lions Gate gift from Sirius, channeled by my spirit guide Anubis.

If felt right to share it with you today. Friday is the day of Venus the goddes of love, and her energy can only help to amplify the power of these words.

I recommend you bookmark this page so you can come back to it whenever you feel the need.

Read this out as often as you feel drawn to.

To Call in your Soul Mate

I call to you my love
My beloved soul
I AM in the presence of your divine love
I AM forever in the divine bliss of our cosmic embrace
I AM you
I AM with you
My beloved
I AM. I AM. I AM. 
I love you now, forever and always
Across space, time, and infinity
I call upon your divine presence, your divine I AM
I call to you across the stars 
I send you my love, I AM love
I AM you
I love you

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